Phnom Penh Cambodia-Martini Bar

The best known nightclub in Phnom Penh is Martini Bar, hands down. This is where guys go to meet chicks, period. Like most places in Cambodia, it is fairly disappointing if you’re used to places like Thailand or Brazil. But for Phnom Penh, this is it. We hopped in Bens White Toyota Camry (everyone in Cambodia has this car) and headed out to Martini Bar at around midnight. As we pulled up into the dirt parking lot, I noticed a bunch of police with automatic weapons. Is this normal for Cambodian discos? Anyway, there was no cover charge, so we walked into what seemed like an outdoor restaurant area with patio seating. To the left was a covered bar area, a pool table and an entrance to the dancefloor. We headed for the music and got inside as quickly as possible, since nothing of any interest was popping outside.

Inside was like a dungeon. It was extremely dark with a fairly decent sized group of Khmer people (that’s the term for Cambodians) dancing, if you want to call it that. JP and I ordered up a few drinks and began flirting with a few girls that we hoped looked good. I say “hoped ” because it was so dark, we couldnt see a damn thing. I could make out the shapes of a few girls I was dancing with. They seemed cool so I invited them to come by the hotel room after about 15 minutes of dancing and flirting with them. They agreed and quoted me a price of $20 each for all night. On the way to the car I caught a glimpse of the girls and quickly realized I was about to make a mistake with one of them. She had more make up than Tammy Faye Baker, so I asked her to leave and stayed with the other one who’s name was Sravay. I was quite pleased with her by the way. We headed back to the Hawaii Hotel where she showered then we got it on. This girl was a sweetheart, a cutie and was a pleasure to hang with. Not to mention, a little tiger in bed. She even wanted to try anal. It didn’t really work, but bless her heart. I wish I could have seen more of her.


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