Phnom Penh-Mekong River Tour

January 28, 2008

Our guide had arranged for us to take a boat tour of the Mekong River, which would depart from the riverfront area. We called a girl named Strareap that JP met the night before at Martini Bar to see if she wanted to join us. She was up for it and so we asked her to invite a couple of friends along. In the meantime, we went to The Cambodia Club & River St Restaurant, which was a little pricey for Cambodia, but the food was pretty good. The Cambodia Club is a bar and restaurant located at Sisowath Quay (also called River St) and Street 178. There is indoor seating and an upstairs balcony to avoid beggars while dining.Just a brief side note: One of the things we found interesting about Cambodia was the fact that there were no traffic lights or stop signs and most interections, but we never saw any accidents. It was pretty amazing to watch cars, scooters and motorcycles going through these interesections pretty fast. No one ever really stopped, but they sort of yielded a little and traffic kept moving. It was a site to see. The other interesting part about driving was driving on the wrong side of the street when making a turn. Almost always, drivers (including our guide) would use the oncoming traffic lane to yield onto the correct side of the street. Sorry about the tangent, but you should look for this when you go and we think you will appreciate it

After lunch, we walked just across the street to the boat and waited for the girls to arrive, late as always. We then took a tour along the Mekong River, which joins with the Tonle Sap and the Bassac River right at Phnom Penh. It was very humbling to see how poor some people were, living on boats along the river. We even saw a few people bathing in the river. Despite their situation, the people were very friendly as they smiled and waved as we went by. I (JP) personally liked Cambodia and its people and would certainly return.

Phnom Penh Cambodia-Martini Bar

January 12, 2008

The best known nightclub in Phnom Penh is Martini Bar, hands down. This is where guys go to meet chicks, period. Like most places in Cambodia, it is fairly disappointing if you’re used to places like Thailand or Brazil. But for Phnom Penh, this is it. We hopped in Bens White Toyota Camry (everyone in Cambodia has this car) and headed out to Martini Bar at around midnight. As we pulled up into the dirt parking lot, I noticed a bunch of police with automatic weapons. Is this normal for Cambodian discos? Anyway, there was no cover charge, so we walked into what seemed like an outdoor restaurant area with patio seating. To the left was a covered bar area, a pool table and an entrance to the dancefloor. We headed for the music and got inside as quickly as possible, since nothing of any interest was popping outside.

Inside was like a dungeon. It was extremely dark with a fairly decent sized group of Khmer people (that’s the term for Cambodians) dancing, if you want to call it that. JP and I ordered up a few drinks and began flirting with a few girls that we hoped looked good. I say “hoped ” because it was so dark, we couldnt see a damn thing. I could make out the shapes of a few girls I was dancing with. They seemed cool so I invited them to come by the hotel room after about 15 minutes of dancing and flirting with them. They agreed and quoted me a price of $20 each for all night. On the way to the car I caught a glimpse of the girls and quickly realized I was about to make a mistake with one of them. She had more make up than Tammy Faye Baker, so I asked her to leave and stayed with the other one who’s name was Sravay. I was quite pleased with her by the way. We headed back to the Hawaii Hotel where she showered then we got it on. This girl was a sweetheart, a cutie and was a pleasure to hang with. Not to mention, a little tiger in bed. She even wanted to try anal. It didn’t really work, but bless her heart. I wish I could have seen more of her.

JP at Mikado Club-Phnom Penh Cambodia

January 6, 2008

While I was upstairs getting busy with the 4 Mikado girls, JP was at the bar getting to know Peru. They hit it off and headed back to his hotel room where things got a little more interesting. Just so you know the fees at Mikado are $10 per girl to remain on the premesis, and $25 for take out. After my awesome 5 some with the Mikado girls, we all went for a bite to eat downstairs from the hotel. The food was outstanding. Afterwards, JP headed up to his room with Peru.

Phnom Penh-Mikado Club

December 31, 2007

We wrapped up the sightseeing in the early evening and headed back to the hotel. We stayed at the Hawaii Hotel which was, for the most part, very average. It was, however, centrally located right in the middle of all the action we could have possibly wanted. Just across the street were a couple of spots called Le Circee and Mikado Club. At around 7pm, we stuck our heads into Le Circee and didn’t see anything we liked so we went a little further and stepped into Mikado. Inside was pretty dark with a 8-10 girls. Some were standing, some were sitting, all had their eyes on us as we walked in the door. We ordered up a few drinks, asked about the house rules and the fun began. Prices were $10 per girl so I knew I’d have fun here! I didnt want to kill too much time downstairs at the bar.  I quickly picked the 4 cutest girls I saw and went upstairs to a private room.

Cambodian Adventures-Phnom Penh

December 25, 2007

We arrived at the Hawaii Hotel (No. 18 Road 130 Quarter Phasar Themi) in Phnom Penh late at night, got something to eat and discussed all the things we wanted to do during our visit. We called it a night after that as we were dog tired from our travels. The following day we woke up early to see what Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia was all about. We began by going down to the Tonle Sap River (the main tourist and pedestrian area of town) and grabbing a bite to eat. Then we took a tour of the Royal Palace.

Cambodia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Along the river front, you will come accross countless children and disabled persons begging you for money. They are relentless. Consider dining inside or on the second floor as many restaurants offer this if you want to avoid being bothered during your meal.

My waitress at the riverfront restaurant. She said she earns about $60 USD per month as a salary.

Phuket- Our last day in Phuket

December 16, 2007

Sadly, this was to be our last day in Phuket. We had our final breakfast at the hotel and Simone came by to join us. The pancakes with honey were actually very tasty. After breakfast, JP went to beach with One and AC and I got a nice foot massage. Shortly after our foot massage, Oi, one of the girls that flaked on going to Phi Phi came by so we went up to the room to take care of business.

Later that evening, AC and I went to check out some Thai boxing and JP went to a massage parlor called Christina. This is one of the largest establishment in Patong. You will find it behind the Grand Plaza Hotel, just continue south down Rat-U-Thit. You should go there without a tuk-tuk unless you don’t mind paying a commission for the driver. During primetime there will be about 50 to 80 girls in the fish bowl. The left group waits for body massage and “extras” while the girls on the right side offer just extras. The body massage girls are usually not as attractive as the “extras-only”.

AC and I went out and hit the streets. We ran into a some ladyboys and a gang of girls. The scene was pretty awesome.

We took good advantage of our last night in Phuket.

The next day we were heading for Cambodia.  We were sad to leave Thailand beause it had been a real adventure and a hell of a lot of fun but we knew there was a lot more in store for us as we made our way through South East Asia.  More to come!

Phuket-Day 3

December 14, 2007

After a full day of island hopping, we returned to the hotel and later met at Rio for a pretty good dinner. After dinner, JP stopped by Sharky’s, which turned out to be one of our favorite spots, where he saw Nuk from a couple of nights ago. Nuk suggested that he have her and her sister Ty do a little private dance for him back at the hotel.


After hooking up with Ty, it was still early, so JP hit Bang La Road where he met One. She was pretty cool and had even spent some time in New York. They hit it off well and decided to do a little bar/club hopping. Over a two day period, they went to Banana, Baya Beach (next to Tai Pan), Safari Pub and Disco, Tiger Disco, and Tai Pan.

The most notable of the clubs was Baya Beach, which played house/trance music and featured bottle service. It reminded us of a Miami style lounge, which was pretty hot. After Baya Beach, JP and One went to Safar with some of One’s friends, for after hours clubbing. Safari is quite a ways south of Bang La Rd, so you will have to take a tuk-tuk.

Unfortunately, the police came and shut things down as after-hours was operated illegally. It was cool while it lasted though as all of the lights were turned down and only some dimly light neon lights shined. All of the other clubs are within walking distance of Bang La, which is clearly the center of the action in Patong Beach, Phuket.

Phuket Day -3 Phi Phi Island

December 10, 2007

We had to scramble to get ready and pick up Gib (Angelos girl) and her friends. I met a girl named “Simone” who was at the internet cafe across from the hotel and she agreed to come along so we hopped in the van and went to the marina. First, we went to a secluded island, but there was thick coral on the ocean floor, so it was painful to even get to the beach from the boat, let alone swim. We stayed here briefly before moving on to Phi Phi. There are two islands that make up Phi Phi. The larger island and the one that provides hotel accommodations is called Koh Phi Phi Don. The smaller island is Koh Phi Phi Leh.We made our first stop at Phi Phi Don, where we walked around briefly and quickly got some food. I was anxious to get to Phi Phi Leh as I had been before and I consider it to be one of the most beautiful and incredible places is the world – true paradise. I knew that as the sun began to set, the brilliant colors of the water would fade, so make sure you go when the sun is directly overhead.

So after hurrying everyone along. We made a beeline for Phi Phi Ley. There are two important bays on Phi Phi Ley. One is Maya Bay, which is where the movie “The Beach” was filmed and it is truly beautiful. But my favorite place is Pileh Bay. This bay has a narrow opening and is nearly surrounded by limestone mountains that come directly out of the water at least a hundred feet high. There is no beach, so the permimeter of the bay are these huge limestone walls.

The water is warm and an incredible aqua-marine green and blue. In places, it is too shallow for boats to pass. All of these features make this place appear to be a natural swimming pool of unbelievable beauty. When I’m there, I never want to leave. It really is awesome. Importantly, remember to arrive when the sun is directly overhead because the geography is such that the huge limestone mountains easily block the sun as early as the late afternoon.

After leaving Ao Pileh (Pileh Bay), we went to Maya Bay, which again is incredibly beautiful. We explored the island a bit before heading back to Phuket.

Phuket Hottie Search

December 3, 2007

After exploring the island, we decided to get some pizza from The Pizza Company (located on Bangla Rd across from Tiger Disco). The Pizza here is pretty good, so you may want to check this one out. After that, we hit several bars in search of hotties.

We ended up following a couple of cuties into the Dragon Disco. We invited them on our trip to Phi Phi Island tomorrow. They told us they were going to Tiger as we were leaving and apparently they got too drunk (yeah right) and were no shows for the boat.

After leaving Dragon, I stopped by Soi Eric and saw a cutie that caught my eye. I like a little meat on my women and after partying with a bunch of spinners, she was looking pretty good. I chatted her up for a minute and then we went back to my place.

Exploring Phuket

November 25, 2007

Angelo tried to get Gib naked in front of the camera but it wasn’t happening. Other than a few, half nude pics, there was nothing to see. Sorry guys, it doesn’t always work.

AC and I took scooters all the way down to the southern tip of Phuket Island and back around up north on the other side. We were scouting for locations to have a nice beach party with some girls. We didn’t find anything secluded enough so we decided to rent a boat the next day.

During our journey, we came across the Ban Karon Hill Phuket Resort. The Ban Karon is located at 8/3 Moo 1, Patak Road, Karon Beach. This is one beach south of Patong Beach, which is where all the action is located, so you will need to have transportation if you decide to stay here. Karon in about 5 miles (8 km) from Patong. This resort overlooks the ocean and is priced at 800-2,500 baht during the low season and 1,500-3,500 during high season. This is a real bargain for the quality of the facilities.

Just a short distance from the Ban Karon Resort is After Beach Bar and Restaurant, which seemed very cool. We were there early, so we were unable to see what they really had to offer.